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Getting closer with our company, product, and previous event.

what is bveeta mini?

       Bveeta Mini is a ROS standard platform robot. Bveeta is based on two wheeled mobile robot, which was driven by the educational computer programming language. Bveeta, which originated from the two wheeled mobile robot, is designed to teach people to use ROS through Bveeta mini platform as well as to teach computer programming language. In the early 2021, Bveeta mini has become the standard platform of ROS, which is the most popular platform among developers and students.

Bveeta Mini New Version

Revolusion Bveeta Mini

first edition
second generation
third generation
Previous Version

         There are 3 versions of the Bveeta mini. The earliest version was Bveeta Mini, followed by Bveeta Mini Type R and Bveeta Mini Type R007. Both of these variations are functionally equivalent. Bizbot Technology, a start-up tech company from Malaysia, created the Bveeta mini. The company has more than 16 years of experience creating mobile robot platforms for research and education. It also has extensive knowledge in electronics control, programming, and mechanical design of mobile robot platforms. Bveeta Mini begins to revolute its own technology to address market demands as a result of the open-source platform's demands. By using this Bveeta tiny as an example of a product that is already on the market and ready to use, Bveeta tiny assists many researchers in the research domain to speed their product creation.

about bveeta mini

New Firmware Upgraded

poster new firmware


ROS begineer training at politeknik Sultan abdul halim Muadzam shah (polimas) 


Our Training memories


ros intermediate training that held at politeknik Tuanku sultanah bahiyah (ptsb)

Our memories training

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