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This is self assembled robot kit.User need to assemble this robot themselves according to the hardcopy user manual given.. The user manual consist of comprehensive assembly process and tutorial for a quick start..

" NO NEED PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE " to run bveeta mini for the first time..Just follow the instruction given.


This is ROS official mobile robot. Please visit to see details information about this robot.

Bveeta Mini is design and manufactured by Bizbot Technology Malaysia. - All certification of using our bveeta mini mobile robot can only be recognized by Bizbot Technology Malaysia -

Bveeta Mini (ROS Mobile Robot Bveeta Mini)

  • Sensor: 360degree single channel lidar: Min dist:0.1m Max: 8m

    Drive system: 2WD skid steer drive

    Encoder Res: 2000 ppr (measured)

    Vision camera: usb webcam ready

    Mechanical: Casing metal powder coated mounting plate, stand off, wheels,original geared motor bveeta mini


    Speed max: 0.7m/sec (approx)

    Electronic and controller: 1x Arduino controller board with preloaded ROSware for Smart Dual Drive (SDD)

    1x Motor driver dual channel(2amp)

    Main processor: Single board computer (Raspberry Pi) with ubuntu and ROS MELODIC

    Battery: 12V rechargeable

    Operating hours: 2.5 hours continuous operation

    Wifi: Yes

    Odom: Encoder with PID tuned

    Slam sample code: Hector, gmapping

    Navigation sample code: base local planner, dwa local planner

    Global planner (configurable): default navRos global planner


    carrot planner

    djikstra planner

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